Cineplex Redesign

IXD Year 02
// App Design
// Information Architecture

The purpose of this project was to take an existing app and improve on some of it’s core components. I decided to choose the Cineplex app, as it was a product that I use quite frequently and personally think that it needs some design improvements. I then had to interview users who were familliar with using the app, before moving on to personas, wireframes and flowcharts.


User Interviews & Behavioural Variables

I interviewed a total of eight users who had experience with the Cineplex app. From there I discovered 7 reoccuring behavioral variables that I would later use to help create 3 different personas.

Behavioural Variables 

  • Tech-Saviness level
  • Laziness / Apathy
  • Movie Saviness
  • Punctuality
  • Patience Level
  • Social Skills
George Drew
Jason Jung

Context Scenario

From there, I made a quick context scenario to help understand the user-base a bit better. For this part of the project, I picked persona number 2, which was based off of a retired film critic who would use the app to bypass long lines at the movie theatre. This is where I came up with the concept of “Fast Lane” which lets users order not only tickets online but popcorn and drinks too which they could pick up at the theatre later.



Once I got a good grasp of what the userbase was, I moved on to wireframes. This is where I had to implement my proposed concept of “Fastlane” and see how it would fit in with the app’s current architecture and if it would streamline the experience. I also changed the layout of some of the app's pages, such as the movie info page, where I added in user ratings, next showtimes and the number of seats available.


Visual Design 

I wanted to keep UI design of the app true to it’s original brand colours, while also giving it a new and more mature look. I also wanted to maintain this sort of “midnight” or "galaxy" aesthetic that the original app had, which relied on a lot of purples and blues. This was also my first attempt at using sketch.